How Soldiers Shot, Killed Two Female Protesters, Brutalized Others In Kaduna — Resident Reveals


A youth within the Gora community, Southern Kaduna, identified as Josiah Akau, has narrated how soldiers attached to the world killed two women and brutalized others for protesting against the indiscriminate arrest of youths within the area, consistent with SaharaReporters.

According to Akau, the ladies had taken to the streets over the continued arrest of youths who were the main forces protecting the world against banditry, among others.

The resident said it had been unfortunate that soldiers would follow the youths even once they have failed in their primary responsibility of protecting the world .

He said the ladies had protested round the military barracks within the area and insisted on seeing the commander.

Akau explained that the soldiers, however, asked the ladies to travel back but they refused to go away the barracks.

According to him, the soldiers thereafter opened fire on the ladies , killing one Naomi John on the spot while two others shot were rushed to the hospital.

One of them later died.

He said the soldiers also beat the ladies , including his mother, adding that a lot of of them sustained varying degrees of injury within the process.

He said: “Women in Gora were having a peaceful protest, they marched through where the soldiers base is. They asked why the soldiers were arresting youths since the youths were those protecting the community because if they arrest a youth now, who will do the work of protecting the people within the community?

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“If the herders come and attack us at Gora, the soldiers won’t do anything. Attacks have taken place at Gora in my presence, several times, i used to be there, nothing happened. The soldiers haven’t done anything, it’s the youths that are struggling to guard the community, it’s an equivalent youths now that they need to arrest.

“What happened was, there was an attack on a young man in Gora by herders therefore the youths started hunting the Fulani people because the guy was attacked within the bush. We entered the bush and fortunately enough, we apprehended the persons who killed the young man.

“Whenever bandits kill one among us, there’ll be no reaction from the soldiers but once you attend the bush and apprehend those that attacked you, there’ll be frustration on the soldiers’ faces as if they’re there to guard the Fulanis.

“Truly, there’s no single Fulani man in Gora. it’s only they need to attack that they are available . If the Fulani herdsmen are getting to attack, you’ll see a cow in Gora which cow, even once you shoot the cow, the bullet won’t penetrate its body.

“When we launched the manhunt within the bush, we caught a number of the attackers with AK-47s and handed them over to soldiers.

“The soldiers’ plan to arrest the youths started when the district secretary visited bring Fulani herdsmen that we had sent away, to return and see the cow we took from the bush. He brought herdsmen to return and carry the cow and therefore the youths disagreed. We pursued the herdsmen away, they saw the bush

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“Then the soldiers started arresting youths, telling them to travel after the Fulani people and convey them back when the soldiers themselves know that the herders realize the bush quite us.

“The soldiers said they might arrest the youth leader of Gora, in order that they decided to travel after every youth leader in Gora. They even started arresting any young man they saw and therefore the women said no, this shouldn’t be so, they came bent protest.

“The women of Gora protested, they wanted to satisfy the commander but a Muslim soldier said they ought to return but they refused. The soldier cocked his gun and began shooting. When he killed that woman, others he shot fell. the ladies got angry because they weren’t armed but were shot at. Another thing that got them angry was that that they had not tabled their request before the commander.

“The soldiers started beating them, brutally. Women started carrying stones and stoning the soldiers and therefore the soldiers kept stoning back, the ladies ran. As they were running, a number of them were falling. Anywhere any of them fell, the soldiers would descend on them and beat them.

“I was just coming back from a journey, and other people told me to not attend Gora that it had been not safe. I said I had to be there. As I came into the community, I saw women with blood on their bodies. I said ‘let’s attend the overall hospital’. Some followed, some refused because they felt the hospital would be unsafe. I begged the doctor to attend to those women. They stoned my mother too and she or he sustained injuries. Nobody slept on Tuesday in Gora.”

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Akau said the soldiers threatened that if they were forced to go away the world , herdsmen would come and kill all residents of the community.

“The soldiers are telling us that if they are going , the Fulani herdsmen will are available full force and kill us all.

“Meanwhile, there was an attack that happened in December; herders entered a house and killed 11 people and therefore the camp where the soldiers are isn’t up to 200 metres faraway from the house and there was no reaction to the present .

“Youths didn’t start the fight, the herders had killed three people before the youths started reacting. The herders slept with two women within the Anglican Church at Gora. We decided to twiddling my thumbs and that they claimed we started the fight. that’s a lie; the Fulanis have done enough.

“We are frightened of getting to the farm, people haven’t finished harvesting on their farms. you can’t attend the bush for fear of being attacked. If you go alone, they’re going to seize your bike and sometimes kill the person within the bush.”


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