Friday Holiday: Islamic gathering praises Benue govt, makes request from govs

The government of Benue State has approved Friday as a work-free day.

This is one among the measures aimed toward cushioning the effect of COVID-19 within the State.

However, the measure is to run three months only, from 6th November, 2020 to 29th January, 2021.

This is to enable civil servants within the state to reap their farm products during the amount .

In its reaction to the event , the Nigerian Islamic human rights organization, the Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC), which has been within the forefront of the campaign for a workfree Friday, welcomed the three-month moratorium.

MURIC described it as a half measure and a short lived relief for workers in Benue State.

In addition, the group called on Northern governors and legislators to leverage on the directive by declaring workfree Friday throughout the year.

MURIC’s observation came on Monday, through its director, Professor Ishaq Akintola.

According to MURIC, “The hypocrisy of Muslim-haters has been exposed by the action of the Benue government . Our critics claim that there would be confusion if Friday is said a workfree day.

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“But an entire state has gone ahead to declare the day free and heaven has not fallen in Makurdi. Though the state government’s intention has nothing to try to to with allowing Muslims to worship, it’s served as a point of reference . What it implies is that a workfree Friday is feasible if the political will is there.

“The onus is therefore on Northern governors and legislators to line the ball rolling. If the Benue State governor can issue a directive to declare Friday free for 3 months to market a bumper harvest, Northern governors and legislators have every reason to leverage thereon by introducing workfree Friday bills in their houses of assembly which the governors can pass into law.

“The freedom of Nigerian Muslims is within the hands of their political leaders. Nobody goes to line them free until they’re able to break the shackles with their own hands. what’s good for agricultural bumper harvest is sweet for robust spiritual fulfilment.

“It is additionally a wakeup involve Muslim the youth to travel into politics in sizable amount . The destiny of countries is formed by politicians. Muslims who fail to participate in politics are going to be ruled by politicians who hate Muslims.

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“MURIC calls on Nigerian Muslims to open their eyes very wide. Muslim families are scattered like wild oats every Friday. the daddy is functioning within the office while the mother is teaching during a school at a foreign location. the youngsters are learning in separate schools

“The Muslim family cannot attend an equivalent mosque together on Friday. Meanwhile Christian families attend an equivalent church together and hear an equivalent sermon on Saturday and Sunday. this example has far-reaching effects on spiritual development.

“What MURIC is saying, in essence, is that Nigerian Muslims are seriously shortchanged within the system and there’s need for redress. The Northern states where Muslims are in overwhelming majority must awaken to the present reality. The federal (FG) isn’t able to listen albeit we’ve been on this campaign since 1993 when the director of MURIC published his 135-page book, entitled ‘The Friday Question’.

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“It is additionally a possible area of interest whenever FG is prepared for restructuring. The gross imbalance within the recognition of days of worship for Christians and Muslims must be addressed under restructuring. those that are clamouring for restructuring should note because restructuring must not be selective. it’s alleged to address lopsidedness altogether facets of the Nigerian life.

“A system that provides Christians two days (Saturday for Seventh Day Adventists and Sunday for other Christians) but gives nothing to the Muslims can’t be described as fair or simply . it’s a violation of the law of natural justice. Two out of seven days per week for Christians and zip for Muslims is grossly unfair.

“Mathematicians should put that together. It means Nigerian Christians are given 104 days out of three hundred and sixty five days of each year to worship their God. that’s a whopping 28.57%! But the Muslims are given nothing. Yet our neighbours shout to high heaven that Nigeria is Islamised and therefore the cry of ‘Islamisation’ rents the air.”

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