Adamu Dauda, From Rearing Cattle To A University Lecturer


Adamu, told Daily Trust that when he was 9 years, his father enrolled him into a grade school at Nbamnga, some few kilometers far away from his village.

Unlike other Fulani, for the pastoralists within the Mambilla plateau in the Sardauna Government Area of Taraba State, education may be a must.

The Fulani within the Mambilla plateau combined cattle rearing and getting to school as a significant business.

The young Adamu would join other children within the village and trek to high school in faraway Nbamnga to attend classes every morning, and back reception after school hours, he would lead the cows till late evening.

He told Daily Trust that after school hours, he would lead the herds for pasturing which had been a daily duty as needed by the tradition among the Fulani.

Born on October 10, 1985, Adamu said after completion of his grade school in 1998, he proceeded to Government Day lyceum, Gembu, the headquarters of Sardauna government Area, in 1999, and completed his education in 2005.

“Even after my lyceum, l was leading the herds of cattle of my father and l enjoyed doing that because it’s culture and at an equivalent a venture that sustains the family economically,” he said.

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After his lyceum and his success at WAEC examination, consistent with him, he gained admission into Taraba State College of Education, Jalingo, and obtained National Certificate of Education (NCE) in 2009.

“After my studies at school of education, l was told that Federal University, Wukari, was recruiting watchman s and l decided to use and fortunately l was employed as a security guard within the university,” he said.

He said he was employed as a watchman in 2012 and worked for four years as a guard within the university before gaining admission to read sociology within the same university.

Adamu further stated that the previous administrator of the University, Professor Abubakar Musa Kundiri, introduced a system which encouraged non-graduates working within the institution who had required entry qualification for the degree to use.

He was inspired by the encouragement given to them by the previous administrator and applied for sociology and got admission in 2016 and graduated in 2019 with good results.

Adamu told Daily Trust that he was employed as a graduate assistant within the university soon after his graduation and he’s working hard to get more academic qualifications.

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“My ambition is to become a professor and by the grace God, l will realise my dream,” he said.

On how he’s feeling by attaining this height considering his background in cattle rearing, and now a university lecturer, Adamu said, “Nothing is impossible with the assistance of the Almighty Allah.”

He said education may be a must for the Fulani of Mambilla plateau and everybody is working hard to ascertain their children and wards acquire high level of western education also as Islamic education.

“We have professors, lawyers, medical doctors, engineers and other professionals all among the Fulani of Mambilla plateau,” he said.

He said when he was a watchman, he was never ashamed of being a guard but inside him, there was an ambition he wanted to realize.

“I remain grateful to all or any people who encouraged me to figure and become what lam today and can always remember the encouragement of the previous administrator and therefore the university for my first appointment as a watchman and for allowing me to enroll for a degree course while l was working,” he said.

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He said working as a graduate assistant now, he’s fixing his best to justify the arrogance and encouragement given to him by the institution.

Adamu also said he has now got sponsorship from the university to travel to Malaysia and skim for a Master’s Degree in sociology.

According to him, the chance given to him was very rare for being one among the only a few security guards to maneuver to lecturing.

“I think we are only two from security unit to urge that opportunity; the primary one was a Master’s degree holder who was employed as a watchman and is now lecturing and in my very own case, I joined the service with NCE and later obtained a sociology degree,” he said.

“Moving with cattle from one place to a different is now quaint thanks to numerous reasons, so l advise the Fulani to embrace Western Education because with education, you’ll do livestock business better and safer,” he said.

He said he has his herds of cattle in his village and maintaining them in Simi ranch.

Source:- Daily Trust


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